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Starfield Clothing (inside front cover)

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Table of Contents

Clothing (bunker suits, helmets, gloves, hoods, gearbags, fire traffic vest, water rescue, dryers and racking, coveralls)

Fans (PPV, ejectors, manhole fans, hanging brackets)

Foam (eductors, concentrates, nozzles, foam tubes, foam cart)

Gas Detectors (portable multi-gas, single gas, VOC, engineered systems)

Hand Tools (Hooligan, axes, brooms, pike poles, windshield saw, "V" blade seatbelt cutter, "Snagger" tool)

Hazmat (decon showers and tents, response kits, pipe leak kits, absorbants, pads, booms)

Hose (rubber, double jacket, forestry, valves, adapters, hose clamps, spanners, strainers, dryers and racking)

Interior Safety (fire extinguishers, Smoke and CO alarms, escape ladders, extinguisher cabinets, exit lights, safety storage cabinets, safety cans)

Ladders (wall, pumper, truss, solid beam, combination, folding, roof, skull savers)

Lights (handlights, headlamps, helmet lights, lighted batons, scene lighting, cord reels, lightbars, sirens, speakers)

Medical (backboards, head restraints, first aid supplies, KED, trauma bags, immobilization, fluid replenishment, medical exam gloves)

Nozzles (monitors, masterstream, automatic, selectable, waterwall, solid stream, twist shutoff, piercing, chimney, cellar, fixed gallonage, foam)

Port-a-Tanks (steel frame, aluminum frame, frameless-self supporting)

Pumps (portable, skid mounted, floating)

Rescue (heavy hydraulics, thermal imaging, water rescue, air cart, SKED, air hammer, high pressure heavy lifting bags, low pressure high lift bags, vehicle stabilization, worker retrieval systems, rescue-chain saws, cutoff saws, traffic cones)

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (2013 NFPA version, facepieces, air cylinders, wall cases, walkaway brackets, accountability systems, RIT packs, industrial NIOSH SCBAs, air supplied escape, PAPR, self contained escape, voice amp, radio interface, breathing air compressors, air storage, air refill stations)

Testing equipment (water flow test, line gauges, cap gauges, hose tester)

Training equipment (smoke generators)

Truck Hardware (command lights, PAC tool holders, tool brackets, holders, nozzle holders, SCBA seats)


Scott (inside back cover)

Pierce Fire Apparatus (back cover)